About Us: Performance Inbred

At SS Moto Corp we design and develop products that are for bikers by bikers. Having ridden motorcycles for the better parts of our lives through the length and breadth of India we know and the requirements of a Biker and his/her Bike. We believe that 'Performance' should be inbred in each and every product that we design and produce. The yardstick for performance being- Lighter, Safer, Faster, Better! We achieve this by ensuring that our products are an amalgamation of Form and Function without compromising on either.
Never satisfied, we are constantly trying to improve our products, testament to this is the fact that we have been perfecting some of our products over years. We test our products in real world scenarios, use them on our own rides and travels, give them to other fellow bikers and travelers to test long-term and keep optimizing. We choose to work with high quality materials and craftsmanship, and we only offer to you what we our selves would be happy to use and nothing less!