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SS Motocorp

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 2 x 2 Full System Exhaust

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 2 x 2 Full System Exhaust

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Bring your Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 to the edge with the SS MOTO CORP 2 into 2 Full System Exhaust. Embody heightened power, agility, and a unique sound as you dominate the roads. Ascend to the next level with this premier Exhaust System and unleash an incredible classic aesthetic.


Up to 5 BHP Dyno Tested Power Gain*

Up to 1.8 NM Dyno Tested Torque Gain*

Massive 9.6 Kgs Lighter than the Stock RE Exhaust

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Superior Handling, Your Bike will Feel More Agile and Lighter

DIY Removeable DB Killers for Custom Sound & Loudness

Rust & Corrosion Proof 304 Grade Stainless Steel

Sleek Design with Minimum Bends, Precession Fit & Zero Clamping


- 2 SS MOTO CORP Header Pipes with H Joint

- 2 SS MOTO CORP Mid Pipes

- 2 SS MOTO CORP Slip On End Cans (This Slip On only Fits our Set Pipes)

- 2 DB Killers (Brings the Noise Levels Down) - You Can Opt to not Install them if You Want a Louder Exhaust Note

- Fitment Hardware

(Note: OEM Mounting Bolts will Retro Fit)

*May differ from motorcycle to motorcycle
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